Star, also known as Watching Stars. She is a registered quarter horse. She came to live with the Porter’s in 2013. She had big hooves to fill. Our herd had recently lost the boss mare and were needing a horse to take on that leadership role. She has done a fantastic job of being the boss mare. She is also a fantastic therapy horse, very patient and understanding.

Nasheeta, our local empath. She came to live with the Porter family in 2009 primarily as a 4-H horse. Nasheeta is fast. She pride’s herself in being the first one in the barn after a long day in the pasture. She is a registered Arabian. She uses her speed and agility to protect herself from the rest of the herd. She can run her way out of about any situation. She seems to connect better with humans than other horses. She is a good listener and very protective of her humans.

TMF Counseling

Awe Carbo, registered name Larks Carbon Copy. Carbo is a big boy with a kind soul. He sometimes forgets his size. He loves to be groomed and loved on but watch out, so he doesn’t step on your feet. He tends to be a client favorite. His massive size and gentle demeanor surprise people.