TMF Counseling

And Indigo, “Indi” is a border collie. She is the heart and soul of the farm. She is on high alert and always working. She runs the borders of the farm, ever watchful for deer or any other critter that doesn’t belong. She has all those herding instincts but doesn’t know what to do with it.

This is Sage. The leader of the canine pack. She is an impressive 18 years old in human years. Not sure what that translates to in dog years?  She is part Australian Shepherd and part border collie. When she was less than a year old, she got stepped on by the horses and received a broken leg. So, she spent a month with a cast on her leg and learned to run quickly with 3 legs. Today, she moves a little slower and we must be ever mindful and watch out for her, because she doesn’t move very fast.

Star’s Cole Play, aka Dotty is the baby of the bunch. She was born on the Porter farm June 12, 2017. She is currently in training, learning to be a trail horse and potential therapy horse. She has a lot to learn, plus we are learning right along with her. Having her in our aging herd has reminded us how “fickle” and unpredictable horses can be. This translates well to people, because we never know what life will throw at us.