TMF Counseling

Healing and Coping:      *ADHD       *Anxiety      *Autism     *Asperger's        *Bipolar                                                     *Depression      *Grief/Loss              *PTSD                 *Trauma

Counseling facilitated by horses

Sometimes traditional talk therapy needs a fresh approach. We believe that clients have the answers within themselves. They just need a way to step back and approach their problems from a different perspective. Horses mirror the feelings of the humans around them. Horse behavior helps clients to look honestly at themselves. 

Growth and Learning facilitated by horses

The goals of equine assisted growth and learning are to develop life skills. Many of the activities we do are beneficial to teams, clubs, church groups, students, and businesses. 

Skills include:

*social interactions

     *team building

          *conflict resolution

               *problem solving


‚Äč                         *anger management